..:: Somewhere in Chasm Deep ::..

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s Summer and I didn’t expect myself to spend much time indoors. lol

But for the most part things couldn’t be better around here.  I have had the chance in the past couple weeks to really work on my sky-dome though. Such a great name (Chasm Deep) and a great set up for any Avai to roam around in.  Here is the link to the land office for, .::BELLA POINTE::. land rentals .  Check out the sky-domes and the awesome deals they have going on this summer.

With all the prim and mesh additions this past year its been a blur for me to keep up on it all.  Anything and everything from the bird cage in the window, the nice rug on the floor, the curtains, the kitchen sink…. even to the littlest things like a candelabra or a simple print for the wall. It has always amazed me how peoples imaginations run wild and there is where such beauty is created. Stay fresh and stay wild people. SL is for dreaming.

So with out any more ranting…. here are some photos of MY part of the grid and a beautiful example of how a (prim whore) can amaze the masses.




Tree:  3D Trees – Ancient Virginia Live Oak M/T

House: -abode- The Sephia Lake House (discontinued)


Mushrooms: TBF – TBF Fly Agaric Mushrooms (part of the TBF Forest Builder’s Pack)

Potted Plant: Forest Floor ~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Scrub Maple – Yellows

Mail Box: Soedara ~ Mailbox Stonedark – Brown chipped (marketplace only)




Trees: Forest Floor – Forest Floor Alder Pack 2.0 (many variations of foliage, size and has HUD for Seasons/bark control)


Rocks: Forest Floor – ~*Forest Floor*~ Pale ancient rock grouping (three variations)

Sun Beams: *Rez* Root of Euphoric Zone – Sunbeam (marketplace only)

This is just a small glimpse of my home. To see more snapshots and photos check out MYSECONDLIFE profile or my FLIKR FEED.  Thanks for the look see everyone.  Just remember… SL is for dreamers! Have fun out there and be kind! Later!