..:: MISS, may I take a moment of your time? All about [noctis] ::..

  Hello everyone!

  I have found some more goodies I’m sure you are going to love! First things first….

  I want to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Halloween, Samhain or whatever it is you call this “Holiday”! And with this sentiment also comes gifts and new items for your inventory.

  I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet and peculiar designer by the name of, Yelena Istmal. She is none other than the Curator and Owner of a brilliant shop called [NOCTIS]. Her shop is full of amazing home decor ranging from the bower of a old Victorian Estate straight to the gloominess of an old abandoned shipyard. She is by far one of my favorite designers for Victorian inspired items on the grid. Whether its for role-play or for your own gothic inspired living space… I am sure you will find something to your tastes at her many locations.

  But enough with the jibber-jabber! On with the look-see right!?

  This item below is a beautiful sight to see rezzed! Its the !NEW! Miss Mourning Black Damask Parlor Sofa


  Its texture is a lush Dark Plum Victorian leafing with baroque dark wood legs to match. The arm rests are lined in a velvet trim. And on the high back rest there are rivets of gold for a tasteful finish. Its Mesh creation is only 11LI and with over 20+ Animations… I’m sure all your friends will love to sit back and let themselves unwind in this at any time. So run and get this lovely new item at her store kiosk today!

Exclusive Items Below!

These 4 Poster Beds can be found on the HORRORFEST SIM! On sale for 249L’s!



The Coffin Book Case can also be found there! On sale for 155L’s!


A Little Extra for you!


They both will be available for purchase at her many locations after the Celebration ends.

  Thanks for reading and again HAPPY HALLOWEEN you pretty pixels!