..:: In Due Time ::..

Hello Everyone!

I found a couple things to keep YOU looking great and in the Spirit of Fall. 🙂  Considering where I live… the Midwest is a great place this time of year. The colors… the weather and all of the Autumn Celebrations your heart can muster!

I have a few places in SL that I like to visit on a regular. Little secret getaway spots you can say. So I figured a nice cup of warm Chamomile tea and a blazing fire on the riverside would be great for this blog entry. 🙂 So without further ramblings- here are a couple items I find amazing for the Autumn/Harvest time. Enjoy!



Jacket: Switch. Achtung! Lumber Jack {Mesh} Coat Brown – Texture Color HUD included for undershirt! 5 Plain Color options.

Pants: [ BarmaleY ] Jeans_Freeky_V1_Brown {Mesh} The Mens Dept. item!

Hat: *ARGRACE* Military Cap/Back “Casual Layered” ~ (Black) – Texture Color HUD for hat. 8 Colors and a Resizer!

Necklace: KOSH SAILOR NECKLACE [V1] New Item in store now! Many texture variables to choose from!