..:: Coo-coo, kachoo! ::..

Hello people!

Today I want to give the guys a brilliant Hunt Item! Not only is it from AITUI its FREE!

Along with a few other items I picked up this jacket adds to a sleek and casual look.



Hair: Hype – Jory Hair // Dark Pack

Jacket: Aitui – Frontlines – Toy Soldier (#17 on The Dirty Turkey Hunt)

Pants: *Just BECAUSE* Leisure Slacks – Black

Glasses: -Entente- – Sebastien Glasses – Black Oak // Natural Woods Texture Pack

Bracelet: *BLITZED* – Legacy Cuffs – Black

Watch: *BLITZED* – Legacy Watch – Black

Necklace: MG – Celtic Cross – Silver (3 sizes included – market place only!)





..:: MISS, may I take a moment of your time? All about [noctis] ::..

  Hello everyone!

  I have found some more goodies I’m sure you are going to love! First things first….

  I want to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Halloween, Samhain or whatever it is you call this “Holiday”! And with this sentiment also comes gifts and new items for your inventory.

  I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet and peculiar designer by the name of, Yelena Istmal. She is none other than the Curator and Owner of a brilliant shop called [NOCTIS]. Her shop is full of amazing home decor ranging from the bower of a old Victorian Estate straight to the gloominess of an old abandoned shipyard. She is by far one of my favorite designers for Victorian inspired items on the grid. Whether its for role-play or for your own gothic inspired living space… I am sure you will find something to your tastes at her many locations.

  But enough with the jibber-jabber! On with the look-see right!?

  This item below is a beautiful sight to see rezzed! Its the !NEW! Miss Mourning Black Damask Parlor Sofa


  Its texture is a lush Dark Plum Victorian leafing with baroque dark wood legs to match. The arm rests are lined in a velvet trim. And on the high back rest there are rivets of gold for a tasteful finish. Its Mesh creation is only 11LI and with over 20+ Animations… I’m sure all your friends will love to sit back and let themselves unwind in this at any time. So run and get this lovely new item at her store kiosk today!

Exclusive Items Below!

These 4 Poster Beds can be found on the HORRORFEST SIM! On sale for 249L’s!



The Coffin Book Case can also be found there! On sale for 155L’s!


A Little Extra for you!


They both will be available for purchase at her many locations after the Celebration ends.

  Thanks for reading and again HAPPY HALLOWEEN you pretty pixels!

..:: In Due Time ::..

Hello Everyone!

I found a couple things to keep YOU looking great and in the Spirit of Fall. 🙂  Considering where I live… the Midwest is a great place this time of year. The colors… the weather and all of the Autumn Celebrations your heart can muster!

I have a few places in SL that I like to visit on a regular. Little secret getaway spots you can say. So I figured a nice cup of warm Chamomile tea and a blazing fire on the riverside would be great for this blog entry. 🙂 So without further ramblings- here are a couple items I find amazing for the Autumn/Harvest time. Enjoy!



Jacket: Switch. Achtung! Lumber Jack {Mesh} Coat Brown – Texture Color HUD included for undershirt! 5 Plain Color options.

Pants: [ BarmaleY ] Jeans_Freeky_V1_Brown {Mesh} The Mens Dept. item!

Hat: *ARGRACE* Military Cap/Back “Casual Layered” ~ (Black) – Texture Color HUD for hat. 8 Colors and a Resizer!

Necklace: KOSH SAILOR NECKLACE [V1] New Item in store now! Many texture variables to choose from!

..:: Somewhere in Chasm Deep ::..

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s Summer and I didn’t expect myself to spend much time indoors. lol

But for the most part things couldn’t be better around here.  I have had the chance in the past couple weeks to really work on my sky-dome though. Such a great name (Chasm Deep) and a great set up for any Avai to roam around in.  Here is the link to the land office for, .::BELLA POINTE::. land rentals .  Check out the sky-domes and the awesome deals they have going on this summer.

With all the prim and mesh additions this past year its been a blur for me to keep up on it all.  Anything and everything from the bird cage in the window, the nice rug on the floor, the curtains, the kitchen sink…. even to the littlest things like a candelabra or a simple print for the wall. It has always amazed me how peoples imaginations run wild and there is where such beauty is created. Stay fresh and stay wild people. SL is for dreaming.

So with out any more ranting…. here are some photos of MY part of the grid and a beautiful example of how a (prim whore) can amaze the masses.




Tree:  3D Trees – Ancient Virginia Live Oak M/T

House: -abode- The Sephia Lake House (discontinued)


Mushrooms: TBF – TBF Fly Agaric Mushrooms (part of the TBF Forest Builder’s Pack)

Potted Plant: Forest Floor ~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Scrub Maple – Yellows

Mail Box: Soedara ~ Mailbox Stonedark – Brown chipped (marketplace only)




Trees: Forest Floor – Forest Floor Alder Pack 2.0 (many variations of foliage, size and has HUD for Seasons/bark control)


Rocks: Forest Floor – ~*Forest Floor*~ Pale ancient rock grouping (three variations)

Sun Beams: *Rez* Root of Euphoric Zone – Sunbeam (marketplace only)

This is just a small glimpse of my home. To see more snapshots and photos check out MYSECONDLIFE profile or my FLIKR FEED.  Thanks for the look see everyone.  Just remember… SL is for dreamers! Have fun out there and be kind! Later!

.::Give That Girl My Very Best::.


Elbow – My Very Best

In the corner of the room / In the room we used to love
Of the love we should say this / There were switches never flicked
Long away and far apart / That’s how forest fires start
Start again it felt like this / Fresh and simple as a kiss
I bounce these feelings off the moon / The echoes don’t come back


Rowan is Wearing:

Shape: *Zanzo* (Narcissus) Male Shape
Skin: *Zanzo* Narcissus ~ Athens – Stbble II
Hair: Amacci Hair – Seth – Black Pack
Hair Base: AITUI – Standard Hair Base – 002 – Black
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes – Smoothglow Eyes – Patoral (MESH)
Facial Hair: [Cheerno] Facial Hair II Dark_B #3
Beard: ::M-Arc Mirror: Realistic Full Beard 2
Shirt: RONSEM* Military Shirt2 / Willow (MESH)
Glasses: -Entente- Sebastian Glasses (MESH)
Neclace: MG – Neclace – Giselle Opal Set – PINK
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Fool of Fowles
[Cheerno] Meshhands_Tattoo – Set 1
Hands: [Cheerno] Hands_M#3 (MESH)
Pose: GLITTERATI Male Model 2 – Pose 013


OH MY! Already?! Goodie-goodie-goodie-goodie-goodie! 😀

Home Expo 2013 Logo

It’s almost Expo time again! ♥ From the official press release:

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life

From 24th May 2013 12PM SLT to 2nd June

Sims open:  12PM SLT on May 24th

Are you ready for the biggest home and garden event of 2013?

Bringing together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life, plus an additional 30 creators from the ever popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair, the Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life 2013 is a fundraising event not to be missed.

The Expo is an annual highlight for those that love seeking out the latest home and garden products and combined with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event – you can be sure of finding stylish new products to give…

View original post 167 more words

The 100 Block – Fashion Event

I suggest you ALL get your pixels on over to The 100 BLOCK Event at Depraved Nation.

Its an amazing fashion event starting May 10th. It has over 100 stores + 16 Sponsors!

Man is it fun! AND Cheap! everything is 50% of its original price! WHOA!!!! 😀

Although…. a tiny piece of advice:

The less scripts and scripted items you are wearing the better!!! This place has been packed for days now! Took me almost a hour to rezz in! O>O
So strip down to your alphas and get your Lindon Wallets a’ ready! You will want to buy everything!

Thanks for the look-see though! Have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to pick up a flyer on your way in… it will help with the occasion!

HAVE FUN, PIxelholics!